Made For You

Made For You is Dreu Beckemberg’s namesake Black-owned luxury menswear brand. After leaving his birthplace of Kingston, Jamaica as a teenager, he started his career as a barber in Brooklyn, New York City. With the trust of his clients, he discovered he had a talent for styling as well. Made For You came into fruition in 2011, this line is the first of his fashion career and serves men who dress well for every occasion, around the world.  Dreu Beckemberg Made For You specializes in made-to-measure shirts, suits, and casual wear. The brand works with top milled global fabrics including the United Kingdom and Italy. Dreu's clientele includes the likes of Al Harrington, Jerry Stackhouse, Nazr Mohammed, and some of today’s leading businessmen. His garments have also been seen on Will Smith, Usain Bolt, and featured in countless magazines. The Beckemberg Man is a discerning gentleman with class, edge, and elegance.